First Week of Insanity Max:30

I survived! I survived! OMG! I survived Max:30 Cardio Challenge.  Before I did Max:30 I decided to do Zumba Rush.  For some reason I had a hard time pushing myself.  I think my body was trying to conserve its energy for Max:30. So I finished Zumba and put in the Cardio Challenge.  First off, I almost put in the disk for month 2 and realized before I put it in.  So glad I noticed!!!  I did the modifiers and still maxed out, but I kept going.  When I took a break I kept moving.  There was this one move where there was a combination of suicide runs and burpies.  I was like no and decided to do my own version where I moved from side to side doing deep lunges and tapping the floor with my fist.  Even though I modified the exercises I was still sweating.  At first I was scared, but now I am excited about this program.

Monday 5/29/17 – Today was Tabata Power.  I struggled with the push up type exercises and the crab walk type exercises.  I wanted to do them but had a hard time that I modified them.  I hope I get better and stronger each time.  When doing the crab walk type exercise, you have to have your fingers facing you instead of away from you.  It was easier to face my fingers away but that worked different muscles.  When I had my fingers facing me a muscle in one of my upper arms didn’t feel good.  I’m not talking a burn kind of way but a pay attention to me kind of way. I modify this exercise because I didn’t want to sit there until the next exercise came.  I also want to get into shape without injuries.  It may have been nothing but I rather be safe then sorry.

Tuesday 5/30/17 – Sweat Intervals have been completed for today.  My body is sore so I decided to do blogilates bedtime stretches before bed.

Wednesday 5/31/17 – Tabata Power has been completed for today.

Thursday 6/01/17 – I started to exercise at 12am and did about 5min of Friday Night Fight and told myself I am going to eat something and go to bed.

Friday 6/02/17 – no exercise today

Saturday 6/03/17 – no exercise today

Goals for next week:  My goal for next week is to exercise for the full 6 days.

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