Doughnut Plant

I stumbled over this doughnut shop and decided to go inside.  The best way to describe this place is a gourmet doughnut shop.

They have 3 types of doughnuts:

  1. Yeast
  2. Cake
  3. Filled

I am not a huge fan of cake doughnuts because if I want cake, I will get cake.  If I want a doughnut, I want a yeast doughnut.  Don’t get me wrong there cake doughnuts are good but I like their yeast and filled doughnuts.  They also have new doughnut flavors every month.  Sometimes there is a theme.

My first doughnut I tried was the lavender yeast doughnut.  This is not a filled doughnut.  It has a floral taste but not over powering.  When I bought it, I was concerned if it was going to taste like biting into potpourri.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It has real lavender buds lightly sprinkled over the doughnut.  Picture located below.

Yeast Lavender Doughnut

IMG_7379[1] IMG_7382[1] IMG_7383[1]

Yeast Strawberry Filled Doughnut


Yeast Blueberry Doughnut



Yeast Coconut Filled Doughnut

The coconut filling has a light flavor or not very strong taste but nice.


Rose Green Tea

The two drinks I usually get is Rose Green tea or Chai.

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