Week 2 of Inktober

Hi guys,

This week I was thinking about adding a fantasy element.  I also have been listening to a couple of french singers like Indila and Stromae during this process.

Day 8 – I didn’t think about the fantasy element until after this sketch, but she still look fierce.  I also started experimenting with ink washes.

Day 9 – For this one I was thinking about bats and elves.  I didn’t want to be so literal so I used her cape as figurative bat wings.

Day 10 – Antlered guard

Day 11 – I was thinking of birds but didn’t want her to look like an actual bird.  Maybe the bird whisper or guardian of birds.

Day 12 – Thinking about cats and foxes.  I am in love with the fur shoes.

Day 13 – Ram horns and playing with a different facial expression.  She could be saying don’t go, take me with you, or warning others not to enter.

Day 14 – Under the sea with mermaids.  Week 2 of inktober is finished!  If you would like to keep up to date with my sketches check out my instagram @boarandbunny

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