Week 3 of Inktober

Hi Guys

We are now on week 3 and I am feeling more comfortable using inks.  No special themes for this week and I am more determined to complete this challenge.

Day 15 – Along with my brushed I also started using my micron pens to get finer lines.

Day 16 – Black jumpsuit with a mock corset at waist

Day 17 – I was thinking of a crop top with a crochet see through type of top over it.

Day 18 – Thinking about activewear and since I was racing against the clock to finish I thought this sketch was appropriate.

Day 19 – For the bodice of the dress I was thinking of a crochet lace type of fabric with a nude fabric underneath.

Day 20 – Walked by a store display window and saw winter coats on display.  It gave me the idea to do a winter coat for today’s sketch.

Day 21 – Romper and pointed shoes.  Week 3 of inktober is complete and onto the next week.  Stay up to date with the inktober sketches on my instragram @boarandbunny


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