DIY Doll Wig w/Bangs

After watching Youtube repaint doll videos I felt inspired to do so as well. I bought a few barbies, clothes patterns, and some doll clothes making books. Some books worth while and others too basic. After buying 3 made to move barbie dolls I realized I wanted to focus more on hair and clothes. I thought of rerooting hair but decided on wigs because you can changed the hair up without having to re-root every time. I bought doll hair on Amazon in may different colors. I have also seen people using yarn which I may try on a later wig.

I picked a barbie and started to remove her hair.  It was time to start making the wig cap so I covered the doll head with saran wrap to not damage the doll head.  I made a wig cap using thin knit fabric, Elmer’s glue and a rubber band to keep fabric from moving.  I used a paint brush to apply the glue.  I would wait for the glue to dry a little and apply another coat of glue, about 3 coats.  Once the glue dried over night it was time to cut the excess fabric off the wig cap and shape it up.  After that time to apply the hair.

I drew lines on the wig cap as a guild line where I wanted the bangs and part to go.  Some videos showed doing the bangs first and placing the hair in sections.  Others showed going all the way around.  I glued in section and around when it was convenient .  I also picked some of the threads out of the tracks in hope that it wouldn’t show through the hair since it wasn’t the same color.  I glued the hair down using fabric tack.

Once I finished applying the last bit of hair and making a part (sorry not pictured here)  I had to figure out how to make the hair lay down.  She was looking like wild thing.  She also need her bangs cut.  I tried using hot water but the water wasn’t hot enough because my hand was holding her so I wasn’t trying to burn myself and put saran wrap over the head.  Then I realized the hair would have a hard time drying that way and took it off.  The hot water helped but didn’t fix the whole problem.  Next time I will use hotter water and set her up so I don’t have to hold the doll, but not damage the doll either.

I decided to make a cap and tack it onto the wig.  This seamed to work.  For my first wig I am pleased.

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