Key Lime Pie Anyone?

So I made a key lime pie for the ladies at work.  Turns out it was a big success.  One lady asked for the recipe and from time to time they ask me if I can make it for them.  Recently, I had made one to bring to work for a Thanksgiving lunch we were planning but when I tasted it I was not happy with the texture of the pie so I did not serve it and made an apple cobbler instead.  One of the ladies knew I had made the key lime pie but did not bring it.  She knew I was not happy with it.  After work she asked me if I still had the pie.  I told her yes.  Then she asked me does it taste good.  I said yes.  Then she asked me to bring her a piece.  I nicely said no, in my mind if someone tells you they do not like how it came out trust them and don’t ask to eat it, lol.


Also, you can make small little key lime pies to give away as presents.


I also made a key lime cake.  This cake was also a hit and again people asked me for the recipe.  One lady wanted to use it as her wedding cake.  Not sure if she did but I happily gave her the recipe.  I made this cake during Easter.


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