Lush Bath Bomb Haul

I was watching certain Youtube channels and came across people talking about products they received or bought at Lush.  I had never heard of this place until a few months ago.  I decided to check out Lush’s website and see what type of products they had.  The bath bombs really peaked my interest and I planned a trip to the nearest Lush store.  I was looking for a gift for Mother’s Day and some gifts for my other family members.  When I first stepped into the door I was greeted by a sales person.  They ask you if you have been to Lush before and if you know what you are looking for.  After that, they tell you about the products you are interested in buying and tell you how different bath bombs pair with solid bubble baths they have for sale.  If you are interested in buying something else they will tell you about that product.  It is nice but sometime when you have visited the store a couple of time you just want to be left alone to browse.  I don’t blame them they just want you to know about the products and come back to there store in the future.


For Mother’s Day I bought the Tisty Tosty which my Mom loved.  She enjoyed the fragrance and was a little reluctant to use it.  I told her to brake it in half and use half of it which she did and enjoyed watching it fizz in her bath water.  I bought her another on so she will use up her first one.


Big Blue which is pictured above has an ocean like smell.  It interested me because it contains bits of seaweed.


Sakura which is pictured above smells nice and I like the name.  I bought this for my sister and I watch to much Naruto because when I hear or see Sakura I think of the Naruto character named Sakura.


Ickle Baby Bot which is pictured above is intended for babies or young children but I like the lavender chamomile fragrance.  I ended up breaking it into many pieces for multiple baths.  It turned my water blue.


Space Girl which is picture above.  I love the black current scent of this bath bomb and the planet shape makes it unique.


Butterball which is pictured above is meant to moisturize.


Pink Bath Bomb pictured above


Fizzbanger which is pictured above is suppose to pop and crackle in your water like pop rock candy in your mouth.  Looking forward to using this.  I also, bought another one as a gift and wonder if I should give the surprise away or let them find out later.


Avobath which is pictured above


Dragon Egg which is pictured above contains glitter inside and Dragon Egg just sounded cool.  I hope my sister likes it!

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