Blood (Korean Drama)


Ahn Jae-Hyeon (안재현) plays Park Ji-Sang the main character.  He is a surgeon who is also a vampire. This was a new twist on vampires for me because he has never drank human blood and has only drank animal blood once because he couldn’t control himself as a teen.  As a surgeon he is surrounded by blood mostly everyday.  He has a method for not vamping out but this method begins to fail him and it makes the drama/surgeries even more intense.  In this drama he is trying to find the cure to his Vampire disease and become human.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t know what Sam and Dean know about Vampires in Supernatural.  He could of had this thing cured years ago, lol.  He truly is a caring person but hides it with coldness and never sugar coating the truth.  Park is also on a mission to find out who are the vampires that killed his parents.  At the same time the vampires are looking for Park and lour Park to them.  Also, strange things are happening at the hospital that Park works at due to the newly added pharmacy/drug testing team.  Everything that they are doing at the hospital is secret and the doctor’s are not allowed any access.  I am so excited that this drama has 20 episodes.  At this time it is an ongoing show and I can’t wait until the rest of the episodes are aired.

Ku Hye-Sun (구혜선) plays Yoo Ri-Ta.  I have seen Ku Hye-Sun in a couple of dramas like Boys Over Flowers and was surprised to see her in this one.  She is a surgeon also and is on Park Ji-Sang’s medical team.  He is here superior and she doesn’t like it on bit.  He gets on her  nerves and she is not afraid to tell him what is on her mind.  She starts to notice weird things about Park and she realizes that he is sick.  At this point she doesn’t know with what but keeps a close eye on him.  She slowly starts to care about him and he her.  (This wouldn’t be a drama if someone didn’t fall in love.)  His cold attitude starts to shed slowly because of Ri-Ta.  I have not seen the ending for this show but I feel like one of them is going to die. With that said this is a great drama.  You can watch it on or

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