The Faceshop Handmade Soap


So I went to The Faceshop and discovered these nice handmade bars of soap.  Each bar is not cut the same and shaped a little differently which gives it a real feel of handmade.  I bought them as gifts for my family.

IMG_2889IMG_2890 IMG_2891


They have so many different flavors to choose from and I like trying new things.  I have only tried two different kinds.  I do like these soaps but since I have really dry skin I use different products to keep my skin hydrated.  I like the packaging of these soaps.  It is like someone made a watercolor and color pencil drawing and used it as wrapping paper to cover soap they made.  Then used string and a label to secure the present they are about to give to you.  The paper the soap is wrapped in is very sturdy and water proof.

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