Bruce Cost Ginger Ale


I first saw this brand of ginger ale while getting a bubble tea at one of my favorite spots.  I saw the ginger ale being displayed and it was the only beverage in the case.  I wanted to taste this ginger ale but figured it might be expensive to buy it from this place.  Later, I was in Chinatown and went to the grocery store where the price was more then reasonable so I decided to try it.  They only had the original and less calorie ginger ale.  I bought the original ginger ale.


I thoroughly enjoyed this ginger ale.  You have to gently shake the soda to mix the ginger contents that have separated from the drink and sits at the bottom of the bottle.  It is lightly carbonated and a strong authentic ginger flavor.  If you do not like ginger then you will not like this ginger ale.  It is very refreshing.  The bottle cap has to be remove with a bottle cap remover, you can not screw it off.  I also like the packaging/labels on the bottles.


I enjoyed the ginger ale and went to buy more. This time I went to the grocery store in Korea town and found two additional flavors pomegranate with hibiscus and jasmine tea.  The pomegranate with hibiscus flavor was very settle to me because the ginger was so strong in comparison.  The jasmine tea was pleasant also.  The tea was calming to me like drinking chamomile tea but with a punch of ginger.  I plan on buying more in the future.


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