F.I.R. (Faye, Ian, & Real)


My first F.I.R. CD that I purchased is picture above titled:  Love Diva

I first heard about F.I.R. when I was standing in a music store with two of my friends in Beijing China.  I picked the CD off the self because it looked interesting.  There was a local girl standing there looking at music and I asked her in Chinese if the CD was good.  She turned and smiled at me and answered in English, that they are a good band.  I listened to F.I.R.’s CD in China and when I came back to the states.  After a while, I had stopped listening to the CD and started to listen to other stuff.  Recently, I was looking for more music to listen to and I remembered their music.  I went to my favorite online site that sells Asian music and found more of there music.

IMG_3387 IMG_3386

Title of CD pictured above:  Opus VI – Atlantis


Title of CD above:  The Fairyland in Reality

My favorite song on the Fairyland in Reality CD is Revolution.

飛兒樂團 F.I.R. - Better Life

Their newest CD was released on December 13, 2013 called Better Life.

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