Cookbook Goodies!

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I saw a YouTube video by Entertaining with Beth on how to make an apple tart.  I wanted to make it for a holiday get together with family.  This holiday season was a little crazy and I was tired so I didn’t make any desserts.  This year, I have time to plan and prefect my tart for this year’s festivities.  I wanted to find books that explained making tarts and pies more in depth and find tasty recipes.  The book above titled Pie it Forward even has a recipe for pizza dough.  Which is cool because sometimes pizzas are referred to as pies.  I also, like to make homemade pizza but I usually use store bought dough.  Now I think I will try my own pizza dough from scratch, but to save time I will still probably buy the pizza dough.

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I want to make french macarons after watching a YouTube video by Entertaining with Beth about making french macarons.  It looked simple but I can tell it is a very finicky cookie to make.  I also, saw Jialin Tian’s YouTube channel on making french macarons and they are pieces of art.  I decided to buy Jialin’s first book to get the basics down.  She also, has other book with very fancy decorated macarons and desserts.  I also, got the other macaron book shown above because it had different filling recipes.


The first truffle I ate was a keylime Godiva truffle.  When I bit into it I expected it to be like heaven but was not moved by it and thought, I can make one of these.  Do not get me wrong, Godiva makes delicious chocolate but I feel I can make a delicious truffle too.   I can be in control of the flavors inside the truffle.  To help me create a delicious truffle I was given this recipe book for Christmas.  This book gives directions on how to temper chocolate, how to pick coating chocolate, recipes, and troubleshooting tips when things do not go as smoothly as planed.


I like this Korean cookbook.  It is simple and easy to follow and I like the recipes.  I wanted to find new things to cook and eat that were not that difficult or time consuming.


I saw this book and said to myself, I must have this.  I like making doughnut but they are just the regular kind with glaze.  Recently, I have been baking them and serving them like rolls because the dough isn’t sweet it is the glaze and other things you put on the doughnuts that make them sweet.  This book has different flavors of sugars, fillings, and glazes.  Some of the doughnuts in this book are for breakfast, desserts, savory, sweet.  I just had a mind overload and very excited to try some of these recipes in this book.


I bought this during the summer time in plans of making some interesting popsicles.  I even bought popsicle molds.  This book has many recipes for fruit juice pops, healthy energy pops, soda pops, cream and pudding pops, coffee and tea pops, and cocktail pops.  The book explains different types of popsicle bases, tips on how to get more flavor out of the coffee and tea popsicles, and layering your popsicles so the fruit doesn’t sink to the top of the popsicle (popsicles are frozen upside down).  Making popsicles reminds me of when I made then with my Mom and sister.


My coworker bought this for me for Christmas.  She remembered I wanted some dessert recipe books for Christmas.  She saw this book and thought of me and her taste buds.  She likes my desserts and I think she hopes I will make more for her to try.

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