Azuki Japanese Restaurant

I just discovered a Japanese Restaurant that is on my love to eat here list.  A friend and I decided to eat here for lunch.  She had been to Azuki before and suggested that we go.  Sometimes, before I go to a new restaurant, I like to check there menu online.  This way I will know before hand what is on there menu and what entrees I would like to eat.  This can also save time in the selection process.  Azuki does serve a lot of sushi but I was more interested in there bento boxes.


Pictured above is Azuki’s Chicken Teriyaki bento box.  It comes with a salad, California roll, steam shrimp dumplings, rice with black sesame seeds sprinkled on top, and chicken in teriyaki sauce with onions and green peppers underneath the chicken.  Delicious!!  They have other bento boxes as well but I have not tried them yet.


They also do delivery and pick up options if you can not sit down and eat.  I was wondering how the bento box containers looked when it was ready for delivery or pick up.  Was it going to be in individual containers or like pictured above one container with different compartments.


Good Stuff!!

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