In the Flesh

I recently discovered this bbc 3 television series called In the Flesh.   I have my main TV shows I watch but was looking for something else and stumbled over this.  This is another zombie show but with a different twist.  I like watching AMC’s The Walking Dead and Z Nation (the zombies in Z Nation do not seam realistic like in Walking Dead but I still like the show).  I wanted to know what is different in the show In the Flesh verses all the other zombie shows out there.

This series follows a teenage boy named Kieren who has died and become a zombie.  In this world they have found a band-aid type cure to keep the people who have turned into zombie from acting like zombies.  They return to their normal self except the changed eyes and deathly pale skin.  They call it Partially Deceased Syndrome (PDS) for short.  Kieren has flashbacks of his actions when he was a zombie and remembers his victims.

The community where Kieren lives is not to happy about reformed zombies being put back into society and wants all zombies even reformed ones dead.  There is even a group dedicated in eliminating all zombies reformed and not reformed.  Which makes it a little awkward in Kieren’s home because his sister is apart of the group and she has too keep her brother a secret.  I have not watched all the episodes but what I have seen looks good.

There are only 3 episodes in the first season, 6 episodes in the second season, and not sure if there will be a third season.  I have heard about a petition going around to bring this show back.

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