No… Not Crumbs!

As you may or may not have heard, the gourmet cupcake shop called Crumbs has gone out of business.  I remember eating my first Crumb cupcake when I was an intern.  One of the employees told me about them and I tried one for myself.  After that I made it my go to spot for cupcakes.

When I first heard the news I did not quite believe it until I went to the shop myself and a letter was taped on the door.


The letter reads:

“Dear Crumbs Guests,

It is with much sadness we are permanently closing.  It has been a pleasure serving you each and everyday.  You truly made our days brighter and we are eternally grateful for your loyalty over the years.

From: Team Garment”

In honor of Crumbs I will share the last cupcakes I bought.  Unknowing they would be my last.


After having a delicious Korean BBQ with friends for my birthday, I realized I didn’t have cake.  So the next day I bought two cupcakes from Crumbs.  At this time it was around Girl Scout season so they had Girl Scout Cookie flavors.  The cupcake to the left with lattice frosting work is the Apple Pie cupcake.  It is very similar to the Apple Cobbler cupcake.  The one to the right with the cookie sticking out of it is called Girl Scout Lemon Shortcake


For my sister’s birthday I was going to make her a cake but she wanted cupcakes from Crumbs.  So these are the cupcakes I got to celebrate her birthday.  Starting from Top Left: Princess Cupcake, Butterscotch Cupcake, & Girl Scouts Thin Mint Cupcake.  Starting at the bottom left:  Cannoli Cupcake, Apple Cobbler cupcake, & Girl Scout Caramel Coconut.

One of my favorite cupcakes was the good guy. Which is pictured below.

Even though, the cupcakes were very sweet and sometimes I ended up scrapping off most of the frosting.  I enjoyed these cupcakes.  To you Crumbs I raise a glass of milk in your honor. 😀


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