Handmade I Heart You Cards of 2014

I was looking for Valentine’s Day cards to buy my family, but was not happy with what I saw.  I was inspired by the cards I bought for Christmas and I told myself, I can make my own V-day cards.  So I ran to the nearest art supply store and bought materials.  I also used materials I had around my house.



Pictured above is my Mom’s V-day Card.  The card is made of felt, rhinestones, embroidery floss, and ribbon.  She loved it especially the felt roses, which I cut out by hand.



The V-day Card shown above is my Dad’s.  His card is made out of felt, vivid construction paper, acetate, ribbon, and illustration board to make the jar look more 3-D.  I put a clear acetate over the jar to make it look more realistic because the acetate reflects light like glass.  He also, loved his card and called me to let me know that he and my Mom appreciated there cards.

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