Delightful Macarons


After work, I was walking with a coworker on our way home and we stumbled upon a Macaron Cafe which is called Macaron Cafe.  My coworker wanted to go inside and look around.  The macarons looks so good I decided to buy two.  I only bought two because macrons can be expensive.  Later on, I realized that I had bought a cookbook that was written by the owner of this Cafe.  If the recipes in the macaron cookbook taste like anything I bought there, then I am happy about purchasing that cookbook.  The cookbook is shown in my Cookbook Goodies post.

IMG_4064 IMG_4066

I bought an Apple Pie flavored macaron which has two different colored shells and edible gold dusting on top.


The second macaron I purchase was pumpkin spice which is decorated with colored sugar.


First bite…  The filling reminds me of pie filling and the shell is really moist.  Not sure if it is because of the filling but the shell was really moist.  Not my most favorite but I would buy it again.


First bite…  My favorite out of the two.  The shell is nice and chewy.  The filling is a buttercream filling that taste like apple pie.  I am not a big buttercream filling/frosting person but eating this has changed my mind.  Now, I want to save up my money and taste more of these macarons and make some of these recipes in my cookbook!

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