“Tis the Season of 2013 Christmas Cards

I was looking for Christmas cards to give friends and family.  I went to one of my favorite card and stationary shops.

1st Card


I bought this card for my cousin.  She likes fashion an is into name brands.  I thought she would like this card.

2nd Card

IMG_3294 IMG_3293 IMG_3313

I bought this for my Grandfather.  He use to build and repair a lot of things with wood.  I thought the wood on the card would be a nice touch.

3rd Card

Christmas Card IMG_3302 IMG_3306

I bought this card for my friend.  I thought the fabric flowers were a nice touch.

4th Card

IMG_3298 IMG_3301

I bought this card for another friend.  When I saw this card I thought the envelope was a part of the card.  When I took the card out of its plastic cover I realized that it sits up like a pop-up card.  I had to be careful when putting this card in the envelope so I would not bend up the tree branches.

5th Card


This card is a wild card because it doesn’t have an owner yet but, I like what it said inside the card.  I liked it so much that I wrote it on other Christmas cards I had.   This card cost the least but I feel it says the most.  The card says the following:


May your blessings be countless…   your hope endless…   your love unlimited…   your joy abounding…   your comfort infinite…   and especially, may peace be yours, now and always.  Merry Christmas

These cards come with a sealing sticker of a humming bird


Merry Christmas everyone!!

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