My Beauty Diary Face Masks


One day, I was looking for fun face masks to use that were not cucumber or aloe flavored.  Nothing wrong with those flavors, but I wanted something more exciting to try.  I stumbled across My Beauty Diary.  I did not realize how popular they were until I started buying them.  I saw them in beauty stores and pharmacies in Chinatown.  I thought that the face masks would be great Christmas gifts to give to family and friends.  The My Beauty Diary face mask line comes in many flavors such as Red Wine, Birds Nest, Mexico Cactus, Natto, and many many more flavors, including Aloe.  These face masks also have a subtle fragrance to them.  If you are interested in trying these face masks, and you do not live near Chinatown or a place that sells them, you can purchase them from or

When you purchase them, you should look at the expiration date.  The expiration date is located at the back of the box.  There will be two dates. The first date will be when it was made and the second will be the expiration date.  If you are buying them online you should be fine.  But if you are buying in a store it depends how quickly their merchandise moves.  The face masks last a long time, so you should not worry about this too much.  Also, when you purchase the face masks only the active ingredients are in English.  The instructions are in Chinese.  But don’t worry, I will tell you how to use them.

Strawberry Yogurt FB View

1.  Wash your face, front of your neck, and back of your neck. (It doesn’t tell you to wash your neck but you will understand further down)

2.  Apply Toner (optional)

3.  Remove the face mask from the packet

4.  Unfold the mask and remove the protective plastic

5.  Place the mask on your face while looking in the mirror (don’t want to get it in your eyes)

6.  Wait 15-20 minutes (you can have it on longer if you like)

7.  There will be excess serum in the packet so use it on your neck and shoulders.

8.  Take mask off (what I like to do before I throw the mask away is fold the mask up and rub it around my neck)

9.  Let your skin absorb the serum and apply your favorite moisturizer or emulsion cream.  (applying moisturizer or emulsion cream is optional but why not give your skin more moisturizer)

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