Dubu Jolim & Ddukbokki

Seasoned Tofu and Spicy Rice Cakes


When my sister comes and visits me, we like to cook together.  We also like to try cooking new things.  My sister had never tried Ddukbokki and I wanted her to taste it.  I had eaten it before when my friends would make it.  I remembered what they did and went to the grocery store to buy the ingredients.  At first, I liked the rice cakes. But, after eating it a couple of times, I find I like the fish cakes better.  It also depends on what brand/type of fish cakes are used.  I also like to put ramen, carrots, cabbage, and onions in the dish.  When reheating this dish, do not use the microwave because it can cause the rice cakes to become chewy.

My sister made the Dubu Jolim, which was pretty good.  To help season the tofu she added sesame seeds, sesame oil, green onions, soy sauce, garlic, and other ingredients.  I am not a huge tofu fan, but this was nice and I would eat it again.  For decoration, I placed a strip of seaweed in the middle of the bowl.  Dubu Jolim are the squares of tofu located at bottom of the bowl.  Ddukbokki are the cylinder rice cakes and noodles located at the top of the bowl.  If you wish to watch my sister and I make this dish, checkout the video below.

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